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Prof. Naeem is known for his contribution to the world of English, IELTS Preparation and Linguistics. His books “Stepping Stone”, “100 Days”, “IELTS Master Training”, “NeoEnglish” and “Linguistics” have become essential resources for students, teachers and professionals.

Stepping Stone was my first book

I had just completed my matriculation when I wrote my first book. ‘Stepping Stone’ published by Azeem Academy, Urdu Bazar back in 1992. The book was based on the notes I took from my teacher’s lectures, Mr. Manzoor Ahmed Saddique. The book created a sensation in Pakistani students and it helped millions of students to learn to write and speak English.

100 Days was my second book

“100 Days” was Pakistan’s first-ever English book written in Communicative Approach. It helped millions of students and teachers to learn English for years and years, It even inspired some of my own students to become English Teachers. The book was published by me.

NeoEnglish is my brain child

NeoEnglish is my own publication and one of the best English language books in Pakistan for basic and mid-level students and teachers. It is a complete language learning book in a concise and practical form.

Also, I wrote and published my own books including “Handshake – a book for English Speaking“, “Advanced Communication Skills“, “Goodbye English“, “An In-depth Study of Common Errors” and “NeoIELTS Training“.

Books on Stylistics, Linguistics and Literature for MA English students were published by Famous Products in Urdu Bazaar. I simplified linguistics and literature for a thorough understanding of syntax, phonetics, semantics, literary figures and complex linguistic concepts, making them accessible to learners of all levels.

My writing approach

I believe that words are the currency of communication, and they can be employed for a positive change. That’s the main reason why I write content. The purpose of writing is to engage the audience, educate them and move them, so they can naturally proceed to the desired change.

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