Wolf believes that “a bird in hand is worth two in the bush” but finally gives up one in hand for two in bush. Comment.

The play ‘Some Thing to Talk About’ is a comic play. It is a clever and pleasant representation of the temperament of a modern English People. They take the worst situation as an adventure and try to enjoy it. In this play the members of a rich English family Sydney keep their nerves in control and finally succeed in finding the way to tackle a burglar.

When the play starts, a burglar, Wolf comes to the Sydney family to rob them. But he proves a dunce against the wits of Sydney. He enters stealthily in their house and starts his work. A young boy of the family, Guy Sydney catches him trying to break the safe, but he receives him with an unexpected honour and pleasure. He cleverly calls the other members of family one by one to that place. All gather around the burglar and watches him doing his work. They show that this scene is quite amusing for them and they think the burglar to be their friend. The make fool of him in an unperceivable way and set their plan to get rid of him. Sometimes he tries to threaten them with their revolver but then moves on the way set by Sydney’s. When he fails to break open the safe, they tell him the password and guide him to get all the valuables from the safe. Bishop says that after getting the things from safe, the wolf will be a ‘lost sheep’. He means to say that he will be an off track Christian. Lettice turns the sentence ironically that he is a lost sheep in wolf clothing. That means apparently he is a wolf but in real he is a ‘lost sheep’. This sentence also points to the timid behaviour of wolf. It is an alarming situation for them that a burglar is taking all their valuables but they seem to be quiet peaceful and calm. They apply the efforts of emotional words and sentences to get their things back from him safely. They advise him to change his evil way of life on this morning of Christmas and return their things. But he refuses to do so. So they adopt the other way and tell him that he can get much more wealth from their neighbours easily. They also promise that if he returns their things they will cooperate with him by calling their neighbours on a dinner to provide an open chance to him. Thus wolf, on account of his greed, agrees to return their valuables back. The wolf, who believes that a bird in hand is worth two in the bush, proves to be a fool and leaves the things in hand in hope of more wealth away from him.

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