Why Learn English?


The English Language began in
5th Century. Developing in the 16th century, England spread its language
around the world though conquest. One of its colonies, the U.S.,
continued that diffusion in the 20th century through mass media. In the
21st century, English became the first or second language in more
countries than any other and by more people, only behind Mandarin
Chinese. Now English stands the second most spoken Language in the
world. Now, it’s the language of commerce, the language of media, the
language of communication, the language of business, the language of
travel and the language of diplomacy. Improving English means improving
your life. English can even save your life.

English gives you knowledge 

English is the language of
newspapers, the press and books and you get knowledge from these
sources. English is internationally recognized. You cannot pass your exams without it so learn English.

It’s the medium of
instruction all over the world.

You can communicate with People

English is the language of
communication. About 1,500,000,000 people in the world speak English.
Another 1,000,000,000 are learning it. Almost all great events take
place in English. You can travel and communicate to the whole world. So
what are you waiting for? Learn English!

English Helps your Career

If you want a good job,
if you want to start a new business, if you want any technical knowledge
about your business and if you want to learn new skills for your job,
you need English.

To boost up your business or get new professional
opportunities for success, learn English now!

Fun and Entertainment

You want some fun and
entertainment or you want to learn about the culture of a country. You
want to read foreign books and listen to English music or watch movies.
The various translations of books, the famous Literature, novels and
poetry you want to enjoy but you can’t if you don’t know English
so Learn English for fun.

English is the Step to other languages

English is a stepping stone to learning two language families. Germanic
languages, such as German, Swedish and Dutch, are directly related to
English and share vocabulary and grammar. Romance languages, such as
Spanish, French and Latin, are related to English mostly through
historical circumstances and offer a familiar alphabet, word roots and
grammar concepts. Thus if you learn English, many other languages become
easy for you to learn.

Personal Satisfaction

English is not only useful
but also gives you lots of satisfaction. When you learn English, you
feel good and the more you learn English, the more you enjoy it. English
makes you a more powerful and happier person. It is not difficult
to imagine some situations where knowing English gives you great confidence. 

English is easy to learn

English is not only the
most useful language in the world. It is also one of the easiest
languages to learn and to use: It has simple alphabet, its spoken
expressions are easy to speak and learn, its singular and plural system
is easy, it has millions of short words such as ‘car’, ‘man’ or ‘fun’.
The grammatical system is much more easier than many other European
languages. Further, it’s easy because English is everywhere. You can
easily access English-language television, music, websites, magazines,
etc. You don’t have to learn from boring textbooks. You can
learn and use your English at the same time. Using your English is
especially important because it increases your desire to learn.

When you follow the above guidelines, you will feel your English Power grow.

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