The Old man's first day at Sea and hooking of the Marlin

Santiago is a fisherman by trade. He lives in a village of simple fishermen. In the very opening lines of the novel the character of Santiago is revealed. He is a simple man who fishes for a living. But for three months he has to go without a fish. Therefore he thought to be ‘salao’ by the other fishermen. After the eighty days, he decides to go far out. He sees the shore going fade before his eyes. He is determined to catch big fish in this day. Anyway he continues to watch his line with hopeful eye.

He has an ecstatic sense of success at this day as he already told mandolin about his coming success. He shows his belief in his success. He is consistent and determined. On eighty fifth day when watching his live, he sees one of the projecting sticks dip sharply. He could judge that marlin was cating the sardines that covered the hook.

But he has to wait for his success, as marlin is not ready to be hooked at once. Old man sees the big bird in the sky. Thus his experience assures him that there must be a big fish nearby. As small fish come to the surface of the sea for escaping from big fish but fall a prey to the birds in the sky who better know how to hunt these fish. Old man sees the flying fish and calls them has brother, in fact he pleases to see them as they are indication of nearby big fish. He is ready to use his all abilities and experiences to catch a big fish, as it is matter of his honor and prestige. He has a strong belief, too.
After seeing many of projecting sticks, Santiago is happy that he has got an opportunity to catch a big fish. When he first feels that slight nibbling pall on his line, he knows that an important event is about to occur. After a gentle tugging, comes the hard pull when the huge marlin swims off with the bait in its mouth.  Santiago is prepared for the struggle. The whole day the fish swims steadily. Santiago sits solidly with the line across his back. At sunset the old man wishes “ to know what I have against me”. There is dashing courage on both sides but neither of them has seen its adversity.  Now the skiff moving slowly off towards the northwest. The old man is stood before two dangers-first; the fish might dive to the bottom and break the live. Second, it might die and sink leaving Santiago unable to recover it. Now the stage has been set for dramatic struggle between the solitary old fisherman and the immensely strong marlin. 

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