“Tartary” by Walter De La Mare

“Tartary” is a poem of visualization and fantasy in which the poet picturises a place called Tartary and wants to be the lord of this place. The poet has got tired of worldly cares and wants an escape from the real world to his self-created and unseen land of luxuries.

He has an intense desire to rule over this imaginary land. The poet also enumerates the kind of joys and pleasures he would have there. The poet says that if he were the lord of Tartary, he would wear magnificent dresses and sleep on the gold beds. He would have his servants call him to the dinner between musical and romantic atmosphere. He would possess great pools in which fishes slant, fruits, forests, breeze, valleys and other All the objects and elements of that place would belong to him and he would be the sole owner of that exotic and imaginary land. This unthinkable land has all the pleasures and joys that he needs. This poem is a very good example of imagery.

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