Summary "Rebel" by D.J. Enright

“The Rebel“ is a lightly expressed poem written in a casual style free of any bitterness or critcism. The poet shows the charater of  rebel. One who does not conform to the norms of society and has a contradictory attitude based on self-assertion. This is not typically a political rebel who wants a revolution in the country; but this is a common adolecent boy who, for his inexperience, exhibits himself so as to draw attention.

The poet lists various contradictory activities of the rebel. He says that when every body has short hair, the rebel grows his hair long and when long hair is in, the rebel cuts his hair short. He stays silent in the lesson when every one is discussing a matter; but when it is time for general discussion, the rebel remains attentive to the teacher and does not participate in the discussion. When people wear uniforms, he puts on showy dresses and when people wear colorful dresses, he does the opposite. In the company of cat lovers, he prefers dogs and in the company of dogs, he prefers the otherwise. When it is the general desire for rain, he necessitates the importance of sun and when people want the sunbath, he goes for rain. When others attend meetings, he stays home and when others stay home, he attends meetings. He says “Yes” when he should say “No” ; but says “No” when he should say “Yes”. In short, each action of the rebel is stimulated by self-exhibition and inexperienced attitude of adolescence.
The poet has remarkably described the non-conformist behavior of the rebel in a light, funny, and casual manner. The poet says that the individual freedom is very important and we must learn to accept it in society. No two persons can be equal. The poet also says that such people in society do exist but we must have a soft corner for them; but we should try to be one.

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