Study Skills: Improve Your Learning Power

Everyday, students are constantly exposed to new information in schools and colleges but very few students can actually learn what their teachers teach them. The problem is that teachers don’t teach you how to learn what they teach you. Peter Drucker says: “We are Knowledge Workers”. We constantly need to Learn, Unlearn and Relearn because the world is changing”.

If you learn how to learn; you have the skill to learn anything quick and fast. Study Skills are for every one.

Learning isn’t a product that you can simply pull down off the bookshelf and use without thinking. Learning is a process, and you are the only one who can make it succeed. You need study skills as students so you learn your lessons fast and never waste your time by having to learn them again and again. You need study skills as teachers so you can help your students learn and understand their lessons well and perform with high grades in exams. And you need to learn as corporate trainees so you can feel motivated and retain what you learnt in the training.
Your Learning Brains
Average persons use only 2 percent of their brains. Use your brainpower to its full potential. You have a powerful brain but unfortunately, it came without a manual. You have three brains. The first brain is Primitive Brain also called Reptilian brain. It is a brain that alerts us in danger for fight and flight. For example, this brain is activated when some body comes too close to you and it makes you angry or uncomfortable. Next is the Middle brain that deals with emotions, long-term memory, sexuality, immune system and it controls your hormonal system. Finally, Neo-Cortex which is developed the last. It is the brain that is used only 2 percent and has all the capacity to learn that you want to learn. Your left brain helps you with pictures and right brain with melody. For example, when you listen to music, the left brain focuses words and language and the right brain focuses melody and music.
Brains and Learning
Information entering our brain will travel to the middle brain. The middle brain acts as a sort of switchboard. If it decides the information is worthwhile, it switches that information up to your ‘Thinking Brain – Neo-Cortex’. Now remember that this middle brain also deals with emotions. So when new information comes in a way that appeals positively to your emotions, you can learn well and remember well. That’s the reason we can remember songs better than formulas because in songs information is positively reinforced.
Study Skills are actually metacation that helps you get education. Meta-cation has been coined from Edu-cation. Education is what you learn and Metacation is how you learn what you learn. Metacation can help you learn anything you want to learn without the help of a trainer and remember it and benefit from it. Metacation makes you an autonomous learner.

Unless you learn how to learn, you cannot learn what you want to learn.

Contents of Training
  • Dynamics of Learning and Understanding 
  • Effective Listening Skills in Classroom 
  • Taking Notes Effectively 
  • The Art of Reading 
  • Writing Powerful Essays and Letters 
  • Intelligence and Memory  
  • Dealing with Anxiety and Preparing for Exams
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