Pakistan and the Modern World

Liaqat Ali Khan’s Expectations
In his speech at Kansas, Liaquat Ali Khan tried to explain the expectation Pakistan had had from American and Western world. According to him, Pakistan was one of developing Asian countries, trying to pace on the way to progress. Had the developed countries helped it, it could have joined them in the same capacity.
To maintain the rate of progress Pakistan was looking towards the advanced nations such as America to owe helping hand. Liaquat Ali Khan viewed the progress of Pakistan not merely as the progress of a country but as a development and solidarity of Asia. Asia was a backward part of the world with people struggling against poverty, disease and ignorance. To make the world prosperous and strong, this major part of the world was necessary to be supported by the developed countries. Being situated in the centre of Asia a strong Pakistan could be a guarantee of peace in her continent. At that time only Pakistan was unified enough to lead other countries of her part on the way of progress. So America and other developed nations should support Pakistan and help it to improve its economical, educational and social knowledge.

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