What are Online English Courses?


NEO offers various training to suit the individual and corporate needs. You can choose from our packaged training or arrange a meeting with us to customize training for you. NEO also offers dynamic webinars (Online Seminars). Using the latest technology; we create tailored and interactive online learning sessions.

NEO also offers Dynamic Webinars (Online Seminars and Workshops). Using the latest technology; we create tailored and interactive online learning solutions and combine them with a blend of unique formats and tools to create “Trainings for success“.

Benefits of Online Learning

There is no traveling involved. It saves time for and helps you learn English without disturbing your job and personal life. This is highly crucial for housewives and professional people such as businessmen and employees.

You can learn whatever you want. Online learning is highly personalized focusing personal attention and meeting the needs of all learners. This is not possible in routine classrooms.

Lesson Recording for better understanding

The lectures are recorded quick, you can listen and watch them again and again for better learning.

  • Greater focus on learning for great results: In online training, there is a greater focus on learning because there are many distractions in traditional classrooms. 
  • 24-Hour Support for feedback on problems: Your trainer is available to you 24 hours outside the class. You can text, call or Whatsapp and ask questions about the assignments given to you and receive instant feedback. 
  • The Environment: Online Training is conducted in a powerful internet classroom with Whiteboard writing and audio-video multi-media facilities. In this live face-to-face training conference, notes can be easily shared for learning better than the real classroom. 
  • Methodology: You are not alone. In each session, there are normally 5 learners for better practice. There are lectures, notes, books, role-plays, and learning activities. Finally, there’s a certificate for you at the successful completion of the course.

There are 10 specific topics covering all aspects of the training in lecture form in each course along with assignment and practice material. Then 10 specific evaluation and practice sessions deal with any conceptual or practical problems the learner might have. Last but not the least, the student uses the course in real-life situations to truly master the skill. All you need a smart phone with internet connection.

Course Duration

This can vary from training to training. It can be a two-hour session and a 20-day training. It all depends on what training you are taking up.

The Purpose of Training

The main purpose of any training is to break the status quo. Learning means behavior change. Language creates experience and experience changes people – this is the purpose of training. This is highly crucial in business and corporate context where people talk to people and communicate for business.

My approach to training is experiential because effective learning can only take place in experiential mode.

How do I start?

Prof.Naeem is the director of NEO (Naeem Educational Organisation). For details, just Whatsapp your name, job, and city to + 92 312 990 4422 and our team will contact you. You can also reach us by clicking Contact.

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