Nagasaki August 9, 1945 – essay bu Machaito Ichimaro

The essay is written as an attempt to point out the deterioration and destruction of atomic weapons. The writer has narrated the scene of destruction which happened after the attack of atomic bomb on Nagasaki by America.

When this was happened, the writer himself was there and witnessed it personally. He heard the voice of a plane and then the smoke and fire was every where. The roofs of the buildings swung away, grass burnt into black and people either died or injured badly. The parts of their bodies, spotted with their blood, were scattered on the ground. Death was marching everywhere. Splendid building had got the shape of ruins. A number of ambulances were running on the roads to take the people to the hospitals. Such was the scene of destruction in Nagasaki after the attack of atomic bomb on it. In fact the writer has given in his essay the picture of this horrible attack to make the world realize the after effects of the use of atomic weapons. He seems to be giving a message to all of us that atomic energy may be useful in some ways but as far as a war is concerned “never again should these terrible nuclear weapons be used, no matter what happens. Only when the mankind renounces the use of these nuclear weapons, will the souls of my friends rest in peace.” 

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