Marketing means understanding the WHY?


Marketing means understanding the needs, desires and fears of the target customer. You define who your customer is and how you can best serve him by differentiating yourself from the competition. You also decide what you want your customer to be as a result of your product.

Marketing means to understand the client’s Model of the World – THE BIG WHY he is buying what he is buying.

The Big WHY?

The main motives of buying are: Avoiding Pain and Gaining Pleasure. People want to save money, trouble and effort and want to gain results and outcomes translated into their practical life.

WHY are the people buying? Are they buying for Bikes or Identity, Legacy or Passion? Sometimes, people don’t buy things, they buy Reasons – WHY? People don’t want mobile phones; they want to buy identity so they feel different.

People don’t buy iPhone; they buy the big “i” – differentiated from the rest.

Create your own WHY for people

It’s not who my customer is But Who I want my customer to be. So, how can you get out of your ‘box’ and shift your way of thinking? How can you start to figure out what people need that they don’t even know they need yet? Change the rules of your industry and make it even more customized to your client’s ultimate needs. Be just ahead of the trend. Develop a mind-set of how much more is possible in the market?
Jay Abraham says:

“If you really believe in what it is that you do, then you have a moral obligation to tell people.”

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