Main Theme "Whistling of Birds" by D.H. Lawrence

‘Whistling of Birds’ is very touching essay which moves our imagination. The writer has presented a contrast between Spring season and Winter season in it. The allegory of seasons has been described so masterfully that it keeps on gripping our attention throughout the essay.

Life is a continuous process; seasons also move in a cycle and follow each other. Winter is the symbol of death while spring is the symbol of life. When winter season comes, everything begins to die out. Leaves of trees begin to wither. There is frost everywhere. Birds die out and their remains in the bushes and ground cast the shadows of death. Death seems to hover all about but this lasts for only sometime then the change comes. It is the arrival of spring season which is the symbol of life. Things beaten by winter start to recover and restore their life. Birds forget the remains of dead and whistle to welcome the spring and new life. The branches of trees give birth to new leaves and greenery starts to rule. Frost melts away and give way to rays of life.

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