IELTS Writing Task 2: Essay on ‘The role of media’

Task 2 Role of Media


Literally speaking, the given topic role of media is of common interest as it has close relevance to our life, people have divergent speculations about functions of media along with its positive impacts i.e. awareness, enlightenment, success and acknowledgment. On the contrary, media exploits civil rights, ruins the lives of helpless people and becomes puppet in the hands of those who are on the helm of affairs. But, I will love to take up the subject according to my point of view in detail because it has a universal appeal with multiple aspects.

First of all, advocates of first perspective claim that, media is making people aware of day to day issues. It has become fundamental source of enlightenment which is mandatory for peoples’ success and development. Accordingly, it would be equally appropriate to explain another possible side of the same that media is also paving way for their success and awareness pertaining to most emergent issues of the age.

In actuality, the opponents of the subject under discussion are of the view that media is always biased and prejudiced and even puppet in the hands of influential people. They want to hunt their fishy motives while misusing role of media. Their view point, too, cannot be overlooked as it clarifies the evil picture of role of media. So, we can assert that it is almost unacceptable to avoid them.

In culmination of above lines, we may opine that media is being used both for welfare as well demise of nations across the globe. So, after this comprehensive dissertation, we can say that it not the media itself rather it is its usage of the same which brings forth its respective implications. And last but not the least, selection of proper direction always plays a positive role. And I would love to quote a last example and that is of Geo News which has gained ground in Pakistan with both its positive and biased role.

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