IELTS Writing Task 2: Essay on ‘Children be taught by parents of teachers’

Task 2 Children taught by parents
To be true, the topic“should children be taught by parents or by teachers” drags our immediate attention because of its universality. Few of the critics of the topic go to the extent of saying that it is the parents who have immense love for their children; hence, they can educate their children with great commitment and irresistible will. And, on the contrary, others say that it is the teachers who can inculcate spirit of education among children because they have relevant skills and objective approach as well. In my point of view, it would be pretty advisable to discuss both schools of thought in detail finally coming to one single approach.

Analytically speaking, first group rightly argues that parents are paragon of love and care for their children. They have remarkable tendency to acknowledge the real needs of their children regarding education. They, with forceful assertion, can equip their children with knowledge and education. Indeed, parents have deep-rooted psychological analysis of their children which is necessary for imparting education subjected to yield prolific results for children.

Now, in the same fashion, others assert that teachers are mentors of children. They are highly trained people meant for educating children according to the prevailing standards of education. They keep on updating their skills through educational workshops which help them to teach children in an efficient way.

In the light of above discussion, honestly speaking, on the whole, both the viewpoints are a bit logical but incomplete in nature as some of the stark realties are ignored by the advocates of the two approaches. Consequently, a more realistic way in between two extremes always exists and people like me always love to go with that third option usually. So, we may say that children should be taught both by parents and children simultaneously. Neither parents nor teachers alone can squeeze optimum results while educating children. In this regard, both of them are bound to create harmony for the evolution of teaching patterns for children.

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