IELTS Writing Task 2 Essay Model Answer 9 Bands

task 2 essay environment

Environmental problems are too big for individual countries or individual people to address. In other words, we have reached the stage where the only way to protect the environment is at an international level.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?


Recalling last two decades reminds me of the drastic changes and heated discussions regarding environmental problems on a large scale in different stratums of society. The discussion vacillates between whether the individual countries or international cooperation is mandatory to resolve the issue. Those who advocate individual responsibility say that a collective result can only be achieved by individual efforts and opponents categorically opine that the issue is so huge that international cooperation is the only solution to solve the problem. So prima facie, it seems too complicated to draw a single moderate conclusion; however, I will elaborate the controversy before I can assert to what extend I agree or disagree to the topic.

It is recognized that the international cooperation is a preferred option under some circumstances. Firstly, it has the capacity to settle complicated environmental issues such as depletion of ozone layer causing climate change. Kyoto Protocol Agreement, for example, establishes a standard internationally to require different countries to reduce their greenhouse emissions. In this case, a single nation’s effort is much less significant than a group contribution so this orientation commands my agreement on the issue. Secondly, the international alignment has the financial advantage to develop advanced technologies to address the environmental matters because most of the explorations are long-term developments which increase the financial pressure for a country itself.

On the other hand, it is undeniable that the participations of individuals and local government are indispensable. According to the distinct environmental conditions in different regions, particular governmental policies are more practicable than the international synergy. For instance, China, a country with huge population, supermarkets are imposed to place a charge of using plastic shopping bags in order to lower the white pollution nationally. China’s step for a greener country does hold my opinion. Moreover, citizen’s involvements are always valuable and considerable in their society. Practices such as applying recyclable cutlery instead of disposal ones in a family event and purchasing an environmental-friendly vehicle for travel significantly alleviate the resource shortage and air pollution.

To conclude the whole discussion, I would like to assert that international cooperation is convincing in some situations; however, countries are not usually alike so national contributions in some contexts cannot be overlooked. Thus, I firmly hold the belief that national efforts to tackle the environmental problems must be wedded to those of International Green organizations for combined and consolidated effects to expedite the environmental protection.
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