IELTS Task 1: Situation Letter

You have recently started work in a new company. Write a letter to an English-speaking friend. In your letter

· Explain why you changed job
· Describe your new job
· Tell him/her your other news

Dear Ali,

It is always a matter of great spiritual bliss and satisfaction to write you and to know about optimistic state of affairs on your side.

On the first place, it is to bring into your kind notice that I have resigned from previous company and, recently, I have joined Liver Brothers Pakistan as General Manager. In actuality, I was there in that company for last seven years and, quite unfortunately, the attitude of the higher management was quite disturbing in every respect. Furthermore, I had developed a pessimistic approach regarding my performance and growth in the company and, no doubt, it was a result of that indifferent attitude of my bosses. So, after careful analysis of the whole scenario, I opted to resign and to join in this new company.

Frankly speaking, I am pretty much happy to be a part of an energetic team now. I am, here, responsible for taking care of management issues. To be exact, I am a key person in decision making process now which is really a source of ecstatic pleasure for me. Honestly speaking, I feel that I will excel here with a rapid speed.

Lastly, I have superb news for you here. After my current job shift, I have bought a small new house. It is really a paradisiacal place surrounded with enchanting paraphernalia of nature which has mesmerized me with its soothing effect.

With immense love,


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