IELTS Speaking Model Answer 6

IELTS Speaking 6
INTERVIEW What kind of food would you like to eat?
Literally speaking, I love to relish Desi Food which is integral part of my culture. It has certain positive reasons behind. It sustains hygienic quality which is mandatory for human health. Furthermore, it is easily available in fresh quality.

What kind of new food would you like to try?
Frankly speaking, I would love eat Sajji Fish, recently introduced food, in my country. It is really yummy food. It has mouth-watering quality. It is prepared in steamed environment which produces awesome taste.

Do you like cooking?
Honestly speaking, I love cooking because it is my favorite activity. I have immense interest for it because it keeps me engaged for positive consumption of time. I cook food on weekends with my family. They all praise my innovative dishes.

What was the last meal you cooked?
Interestingly speaking, the meal I cooked last time was Mutton Karahi. It was wonderful in taste, enriched with healthy ingredients and coupled with deliciousness. Additionally, I presented it in a delicate manner which further enhanced its taste as it is said, the taste of apple lies in the plate too; it lies.

Which food do you prefer; either home-cooked or that of available at restaurants?
Thematically speaking, I love home-cooked food because the one available at restaurants is not suitable for health. But, home-cooked food makes me delighted as I feel charged after having relished it. I spend reasonable amount on home-made food.


Describe an interesting hobby that you enjoyed.

How you became interested in it?
How long have you been doing it?
Why you enjoy it?

Explain its benefits?

Broadly speaking, I adore singing. I have been addicted to it for last ten years. I like it for multifarious reasons. It also has numerous benefits too. There lies a wonderful account behind it. Since, I fell in love with my fairy. She had great amusement with singing. When I sang for her in front of her at Niagrafall, she was mesmerized and could not help praising my heavenly voice. Soon after, I kept on alluring her attention with my melodious voice. I practiced hard to grasp this hobby. It sparks my passions, enchants my emotions and captivates my soul too. It is really charming for me. I have developed a wide range of relations with the help of singing. It has great soothing impact on my life. It also paves my way for inculcating aesthetic spirit into the accomplishment of my organizational goals too.


Do you think having a hobby is better for people’s social life? In what way?
To be true, people get united for certain causes and hobby is one of them. It helps them to associate with one another. It even provides opportunities to share their emotions and release their sentiments.

Are there negative effects of a person spending too much time on a hobby?
It is obvious that excess of any thing is bad. The consumption of time must be meaningful as for as hobby is concerned. It is useless to spend too much time on hobby because it ruins ones present and future as well.

What do you think people need to have an interest or hobby?
Overtly speaking, it is pretty important to have some hobby because it creates charm in one’s life. They consume their time in useful way. It gives charm to life. It springs our ambitions.

In your country how much time people spend on hobby and work?
Truly speaking, people in my country spend more than required time on their hobbies. They are least interested in their professional activities. In this way they remain happy irrespective of their meaningfulness of life.

Has amount of time for free time changed since last fifty years?
Frankly speaking, life was simple fifty years ago and people were had ample free time. Right now, the trend of free time has changed a lot. People are hunting their magnificent objective but on the cost of their valued time.

Do you think people would have more or less time in future?
As per my point of view, the span of time for the people will keep on shrinking time will kiss the threshold of future. Modern age will invite people towards challenging tasks which will be bound with consumption of extra-ordinary time.

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