IELTS Speaking Model Answer 4

IELTS Speaking Model 4
The examiner asks the candidate about him/herself, his/her home, work or studies and other familiar topics.

• What would you like to change in your daily routine?
Well, being a house wife, I have some boring routine regarding my daily activities. When I feel myself fed up from my daily routine then I go to Hyper Star supermarket. I spend a lot of money on shopping and get excited.

• Are all your days the same?
Frankly speaking, most of the time my days are same and even; I don’t feel comfortable with this boring pattern of similarity of my days. I usually make my routine glamorous on week end.

• Tell me about your typical weekday and your typical weekend.
Generally speaking, I spend my typical weekend in an interesting way. I call my friends at home and arrange a party for them. We share our whole week experiences and become happy.

• What is the balance of work/study and free time in your normal day?
Honestly speaking, I have great harmony with my work and free time. I get inspiration from my leisure time and apply it to my work. I do my work with great zeal and zest. I fulfill my tasks swiftly.


Describe something you own which is very important to you.
You should say:

where you got it from
how long you have had it
what you use it for
and explain why it is so important to you.

Clearly speaking, the possession which is subject of pride for me is the diary of my Autobiography. Well, it was a unique gift from my friend Kathy during my study at Heathrow College, in London. Previously, I had not interest in writing a diary but she told me that her father gifted her account of his life in autobiographical form. She was fascinated to about the glorious life of her father. Likewise, she recommended me. I felt great pleasure to write first page of my life. It was about my day of birth as I was told by my mother. I love my experience of writing onwards. Whenever, I get bored from present pattern of life, I seek shelter in my mesmerizing past. It releases my all tensions and woes.


What kind of possessions shows status in your country?
Categorically speaking, in my country people feel proud over the luxurious house and branded cars. Even, great job status in civil and armed services is also charming. There is no cap to such things rather people are moving ahead in this race and their priorities are also wild in nature.

Do you think it was different for your grandparents?
Broadly speaking, such things were too important but their form and nature was different. In past, they used animals as status symbol. The species of horse and other animals counted a lot in this regard.

Modern society is often called ‘materialistic’. Why do you think this is?
As per my point of view, this is the age of materialism because today people need luxurious life. They want to acquire grandeur in their life. So, they are working hard irrespective of validity of their preoccupations. People are hunting their means of earning wildly.

Do you think consumerism is a positive or a negative development?
Thematically speaking, it has both positive and negative development. People spend a lot of money on purchasing products which are usually unnecessary. This is called negative development. On the contrary, it introduces different products and creates competition in the market.

What is the role of advertising?
Well, advertising has a great positive role in the expansion of business. People get awareness regarding the features of different products and services as well. It makes people decide to use a product or hire a service. It is allowing people to decide for final purchase with the help of advertising.

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