IELTS Reading Question Type (4) Multiple Selection

IELTS Reading Multiple Selection

NeoTips for Multiple Selection
are the backbone of IELTS Reading Test. In Matching, Headings are used
only once but in Multiple Selection, one item can be used more than
once. In Multiple Selection, you can choose two-three options depending
on the instructions. Never try to understand the whole text.

Skim the text about eco-towns. Match each paragraph with an idea.

Paragraph A ____
Paragraph B ____
Paragraph C ____

Paragraph D ____

1 inexpensive homes
2 greener than older towns
3 travelling around
4 construction details

A The fundamental
principle underlying the new generation of British eco-towns is that they are
more ecologically and environmentally friendly than traditional towns. To
achieve this, guidelines have been drawn up which town planners should obey.
B The guidelines state
that the towns should aspire to be low energy and carbon neutral
developments, with buildings being constructed from recycled materials.
Environmentally friendly waste disposal is also at the heart of the concept.
C A second principle is
that the new towns provide housing that is affordable to key workers, such as
teachers, nurses and civil servants, and first-time buyers. With the largest
eco-towns providing housing for some 20,000 residents, it is anticipated that
30 to 40 per cent of this will be in the form of affordable housing.
D Reliable. efficient
and cost-effective public transport will be essential to the success of the
eco-towns. The aim is to develop urban and suburban spaces that are as
car-free as possible. with the speed limit on main roads being restricted to
15 mph.

Three of these ideas are mentioned in the text. Three of them are not mentioned. Tick the ideas that are mentioned.

1 the exact size of the average eco-town _____
2 the different types of public transport available _____
3 the amount of housing for key workers and first-time buyers _____
4 the removal of rubbish in a green way _____
5 the desire to reduce the number of cars on the roads _____
6 government funding to help reduce construction costs ______

Put a cross next to the ideas that are false, according to the text.

1 All the new eco-towns will be the same size.
2 The new eco-towns will attempt to be carbon neutral.
3 The new eco-towns will all still have roads.
4 Only certain buildings must be made with recycled materials.
5 All the houses will cost the same amount of money to buy.
6 The buildings will all be built according to green guidelines.

Which THREE of the following statements are true of eco-towns?

1 _______ 2 _______ 3 ______

A There are different sets of guidelines for each eco-town.
B One aim is to avoid wasting electricity and other power sources.
C Eco-towns which are not totally carbon neutral may be fined.
D All recycled materials used should come from the local area.
E It is assumed that most key workers are first-time buyers.
F Some eco-towns will have more than 15,000 inhabitants.
G More than half of the housing will be aimed at wealthier residents.
H Drivers in eco-towns will never be able to drive faster than 15 mph.

1 thought on “IELTS Reading Question Type (4) Multiple Selection”

    A 2
    B 4
    C 1
    D 3

    3 Paragraph C mentions 30-40% affordable housing.
    4 Paragraph B mentions environmentally friendly waste disposal.
    5 Paragraph D mentions spaces will be as car free as possible.

    1 Paragraph C mentions the largest eco-town will provide housing for 20,000 residents.
    4 Paragraph B mentions that buildings (in general) will be constructed from recycled materials.
    5 Paragraph C mentions that 30-40% of the housing will be affordable, thus the remaining will be more expensive.

    B F G

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