Grammar: The English Tense System Chart

English Tenses Chart

A: Here is a complete chart of the English Tense System.

do + verb (I) (Future: will + verb)
I do work.
I work.
I did work.
I worked
I will work.
I don’t  work.
I did not work.
I will not work.
Do I work?
Did I work?
Will I work?
have + past participle
I have worked.
I had worked.
I will have worked.
I haven’t worked.
I had not worked.
I will not have worked.
Have I done?
Had I worked?
Will I have  done?
be + -in
I am working.
I was working.
I will be working.
I am not working?
I was not working.
I will not be working.
Am I doing?
Was I working?
Will I be working?
have been +ing
I have been working.
I had been working.
I will have been working.
I haven’t been doing.
I had not been working.
I will not have been working.
Have I been working?
Had I been working?
Will I have been working?

The correct answer is A because the subject of the sentence is singular. A singular noun subject takes singular verb. For example:
“The boy with his books is studying” is correct because the subject is the boy and it is singular but ‘The boy with his books are studying‘ is incorrect.


Correct the following sentences.
1. It (not rain) now.
2. You (not eat apples).
3. I (can not) play piano.
4. The child (not play) outside.
5. She (not should) behave like that.
6. She (like) tea?
7. You (can speak) English ?
8. We (visit) the museum yesterday?
9. He (get) admission to college in July?
10. They already (apply) for the visa?
11. Why she (waste) her time?
12. When you (reach the station) yesterday?
13. Where he (go) at the moment?
14. It (not rain) this year?
15. You (not offer prayers)?
16. I (not tell the truth yet)?
17. Why you (not do your homework?)
18. What I (not eat) in the party last night?
19. She (not appear) in the exam next time?
20. They (not serve) you well?

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