Discuss "Bear" as Farce or Comedy

‘The Bear’ can rightly be called a farce as it is full of many ridiculous situations and sayings. These situations and sayings cause laughter. There are many comic scenes and situations in the play which have no other purpose but to cause laughter. There is no specific moral or constructive purpose or topic discussed in the play.

All the three characters of the play i.e. Popova, Smirnov and Luka act in a funny way and speak absurd dialogues. The story of the play is a romantic advancement between a male and female character through strange and unusual dialogues. Right at the beginning Luka, the servant of Popova, advises her to leave mourning at the death of her husband in a comic way. He puts his own example in a humorous way about his mourning at the death of his old lady.

he entry of Smirnov and his behaviour, actions and dialogues in the play are so comic. For instance he says to Popova, ‘Tell me truthfully, have you ever seen a woman who was sincere, faithful and constant?’ Again he mocks her, “you have buried yourself alive, but you haven’t forgotten to powder your face!’ Same like this when he proposes her, he says, ‘I‘ve refused twelve women, nine have refused me, but I never loved one of them as I love you…’
The funniest situation comes in the play when Popova brings the revolvers of her husband and asks Smirnov to teach her how to fire.
The closing scene also leaves a smile on the face of the readers when Popova says to Luka, ‘Tell them in the stables that Toby isn’t to have any oats at all to-day’. Thus the play ‘The Bear’ can rightly be called a farce—a play full of comic and absurd situations and sayings. The dialogues and actions of almost all the characters cause laughter.

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