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Beat the competitive exam!

  • Are you aspiring to take CSS Exam?
  • Do you know that weak English is #1 cause of failure in CSS?
  • Do you know how to advance your English?

Why is CSS English difficult?

Preparing for any English exam is never easy for students, and when they must pass CSS, it becomes a gigantic task for them to achieve. Examiners’ reports suggest that students’ level of English is poor.

CSS essay writing, précis writing and translation are the major hurdles in passing the exam and behind these three major tasks, two micro-skills of English are highly critical: your grammar and vocabulary must be strong. That’s the reason, we seriously work on students, so they develop their ability to use grammar and vocabulary effectively and correctly.

Essay writing is the determiner of your success or failure in competitive exam.

Grammar for CSS

If you want to write better and speak better, grammar is very important for effective and powerful communication at work, relation and exam. You need grammar because grammar is the only way to communicate effective and powerful English.

Do you always have confusion why “Police are coming.” is correct and “Police is coming.” is wrong? You are confused whether “The man, who came….” or “The man who came…” is correct. If your writing and speaking are full of mistakes, grammar is a must for you. Grammar develops your critical thinking skills, helps you make better decisions, gives you the ability to self-correct your spoken and written mistakes.

What is CSS Champion English?

CSS Champion English is all about making you a champion use of English at CSS Level by helping you:

  • Improve your conceptual clarity of grammatical and lexical knowledge.
  • Remove your basic grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure errors.
  • Introduce syntax, morphology and Alexis in your writing.
  • Be linguistically a confident user of English, so you express yourself powerfully.
  • Write cohesively-tight paragraphs that lead to strong essays.
  • Boost your compression ability.

Remember that behind writing and reading skills is the working knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. 

If your English is poor, your success in CSS is only a dream. The best approach is to improve your English before you go for CSS Preparation and for that purpose, CSS Champion English is has designed.

How do I start?

Whatsapp +92 312 990 4422 or contact by clicking the link Register for the training.

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