Bulletproof Trainer Program

  • Do you want to deliver Trainings, Seminars and Workshops?
  • Do you want to capture the audience’s interest and transfer your knowledge and expertise to them?
  • Do you want to be the bulletproof Trainer that stands to deliver successfully each time?

Most companies need training for their teams and managers. Training and development is an ongoing process in most companies. Companies spend millions of dollars to keep their staff motivated.

Employees are human, they have both behavioral weaknesses and gaps in their professional skills, so companies are constantly conducting workshops to keep them engaged, focused and loyal to the company.

Training gives everyone a great understanding of their responsibilities and the knowledge and skills they need to do that job. This enhances their confidence, which also improves their overall performance in life and work.

It is expensive to train an employee, but it is more expensive to lose an employee.

Training is a multi-billion dollar industry in the world. Companies earn higher profits by training their employees because they become engaged and motivated.

Most people know their topic very well, but they don’t know how to transfer their knowledge and expertise to their teams and managers. It is because they don’t know how learning takes place. Adults learn differently from children.

Become a great trainer to inspire and lead your staff, teams and general audience. Transfer your life experiences and wisdom to your employees and general people to ignite action for change.

What is the Bulletproof Trainer Program?

The Bulletproof Trainer Program actually makes you bulletproof against all sorts of training hurdles. It offers complete guidance on how training and workshops are conducted at the workplace, what makes a great trainer and how trainings are planned and delivered. You learn all aspects of training.

You can become a powerful trainer who rules the stage and receives his audience attention and appreciation.

The Bulletproof Trainer Program also addresses how to handle problem personalities and situations that can unnerve even the most experienced trainer, including participants who don’t talk and those who don’t stop.

A trainer is a catalyst because through the trainer, change takes place. He believes that telling is not training, listening is not learning – training means experience.

What is Training Outline?

This training will give you everything you need to become a Bulletproof Trainer.

  • Understanding the TRAINING INDUSTRY
  • Looking into a GREAT TRAINER
  • Learning the ADULT LEARNING (Andragogy) and targets
  • Understanding the T.R.A.I.N.E.R MODEL
  • Conducting a TNA (The Needs Analysis for the Training)
  • Using GAMES, STORIES AND SIMULATIONS with your learners

What is Training Duration?

Normally, it is a 3-day training; however, it depends on the company’s needs and requirements.

What is the Timing?

The training time is can be mutually decided. If you miss the training, you can always watch the recording at any time.

What is the Method?

The training method is very simple. You will take online training. All you need is a mobile phone and an internet connection. And you must have a passion for learning.

We use ZOOM for Online Training and Whatsapp for fast communication.

If you miss a class, you can complete the class by looking at the recording. There is also homework with the training and the trainers are always there to answer your questions. Our team is always ready to support you even after the training.

When will the Training Start?

You can contact us to schedule the training.

Can I watch Course Samples?

The following videos will give you an idea of ​​what your online training is like. The trainings are conducted in both Urdu or English or Urdu English according to the content and level of the participants.

What is the Fee?

The training fee depends on the company’s needs and requirements.

This fee is nothing for the skills you learn. Don’t pain yourself. Train yourself and become successful.

How to Join?

If you are interested, you can click the green button below and request Bank Details to start the course.

Send me bank details for the fee.

For any questions, Whatsapp +92 312 990 4422 and our team will contact you.

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