A note on the essay "Eclipse" BA English

          ‘The Eclipse’ is a well-written essay by Virginia Woolf. It is a self-witnessed account of a solar eclipse which happened to take place in the northern parts of England on a morning of June. The essay shows the love of writer for nature and highlights the importance of sun for us. The writer thinks that all the colours of earth are because of sun.

It is the sunlight which makes the earth colourful, gay and live. If there is no sun, the earth would be dead. The eclipse which is discussed in the essay was taken place on a morning of June 1870. People were very enthusiastic and eager to watch this ‘change of Nature’. From every nock and corner of the country, people were going to the northern area from where they could watch this scene more clearly. Trains were full of passengers who were going to that place. Many groups of cars and other means of transport were seen on the roads moving towards the northern parts. All were anxious to observe the eclipse by himself. The writer herself and other people reached on the stone hedge which was the temple of sun-worshippers. When the eclipse started, a cloud began to cover the sun. Its light and brightness started to fade. Colours began to disappear from the earth. The blue changed into purple, pink faced grew green. The light turned into shadows and shadows began to become darker and darker. Then with the passage of time, as the eclipse completed, light completely went out. The earth seemed to be dead and the sun looked like a skeleton. But this lasted only for a short period. Then the sun tore the clouds and showed its one corner. A ray of hope glittered with the ray of sunlight. The sun seemed to be struggling to get rid of the clouds of eclipse. By and by the light of sun grew its brightness restoring the colours and warmth of earth. Finally the sun shone with full face and earth again turned into a colourful living thing.

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