5 Reasons why students don’t get 7+ bands in IELTS


Students struggle with IELTS for many reasons. They mainly have problems with the listening test because of ACCENT, the reading test because of PRACTICE, the writing test because of GRAMMAR AND VOCABULARY, and the speaking test because of FLUENCY.

They have no ear training

They don’t listen much. Many Pakistani students cannot understand the accent of native speakers because they have never got ear training. They are not used to the foreign accent. In order to understand foreign accent, they need to watch English films and listen to the dialogues among the characters. Watch movies for accent rather than fun.

They don’t have reading habit

They don’t read much. Students in Pakistan don’t have the habit of reading. They don’t read newspapers, they don’t read general books and the books they read in classrooms are all translation dependent. As a result, when they come to contact IELTS Reading, they are struck by its unique language and the skills required. Reading is a real tough nut for most students. Students should read novels and story books in general to get familiar with reading structures and flow. Children story books are also great reading boosters.

They have no writing practice

They don’t write much. Generally, students lack creative writing because they cram essays for their exams, but IELTS is a different exam. You need to have creative writing. This you can achieve by improving your ability to use sentence structures and vocabulary effortlessly.

They feel shy to speak English

They are afraid of speaking English. Most often, speaking is a nightmare for students. They have never had anything like in their traditional classrooms where they mainly focused on mere memorization. Practice as often as you can before your mobile phone. In fact, make a video selfie of yourself and practice speaking English.

They take IELTS for practice

They mainly think that IELTS is only practice. IELTS is a test of your English language skills, mental skills and time management. IELTS is not a practice-only thing. It’s about developing your skills. IELTS is an easy exam if you know how. If you don’t know how, you will spend all your life struggling to pass IELTS.

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